Töreboda Golf Club

Töreboda Golf Club is known for its breathtaking beauty and magnificent view of Månsarudssjön. A Swedish golfing idyll, situated 7 km east of Toreboda center. Course nature is diverse, park, forest course and seaside. Ten of the holes are in close contact with the water.

Since 2014, we have “orange tee,” for us who think it’s more fun to play golf a shorter path.

The most famous hole is the 10-ball 100 meters of water between the tee and green. 10-ball has been classified by the magazine Golf Magazine as one of the 500 best holes in the world. 2014 var10-ball with the Swedish Golf’s list of Sweden’s 100 best in the country and was named one of the 100 best in the country by Golf World.
But many have other favorithål along Månsarudsjön, eg 11-ball or 3rd or 4th or 13th or 12th an …

A good caravan lineup is centrally located on the golf course, watched by over a thousand guests annually. Accommodation in B & B or cabins are equally central.

Warmly welcome to visit us!

Golf Week: Week 30, the golf week on Töreboda Golf Club.
Heda Golfkrog: On Heda Golfkrog enjoying a lovely meal surrounded by a fantastic environment.